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Tessellation painting of nostalgic New Orleans icons in the shape of a fleur de lis.


Monotone painting of Jose's maternal grandfather, Philip Morales, in the late 1950's in Delacroix Island, Louisiana. Part of the "Faces of Islenos" collection.


Peace sign, Louisiana style.

Raphael Robin

Monotone painting from the 1940's of a Delacroix Islander with lots of character.

Ray Charles

High-energy painting of the legendary singer and musician, Ray Charles.

Red-Winged Blackbird

Folk-style painting of a red-winged blackbird on a cattail.

Sand Crab

Blue crab with the title "Sand Crab" written in sand.

St. Bernard Fleur de Lis

Tessellation painting of Jose's hometown of St. Bernard, Louisiana in the shape of a fleur de lis.

Uncle Wink

Painting of Jose's childhood neighbor known as Uncle Wink from Reggio, Louisiana.


A Louisiana sports-fan favorite depicting mascots from various teams being served up.