New Designs

Spanish Moss Pendant

A symbol of nature in its most relaxed state, often found lounging on sweeping branches of live oaks. Five-piece pendant. Chain not included.

Atchafalaya White Pearl Necklace

An interpretation of the river valley which forms the Atchafalaya Basin located in southern Louisiana. Cultured freshwater pearl. Includes 18" chain.

Egret Nouveaux Pendant

Reminiscent of the Art Nouveau movement circa 1890-1910. Three egrets holding a cultured freshwater pearl and a peridot cabachon bullet stone at its base. Chain not included.

Cattails Infinity Pendant

Make a statement with our delicately rendered cattails in the shape of an infinity sign. Chain not included.

Lucky in Love Pendant

Here's a little love with a four-leaf clover thrown in for luck. Chain not included.

Starry Night Pendant

The crescent moon in all his whimsy. A full moon on reverse side. Chain not included.

Crawfish Pie 2-tone Copper Pendant

Crawfish pie, inspired by the Cajun delicacy found throughout Louisiana. Chain not included.

Gator Biting Bracelet

One tough gator biting a chain.