Product Care


You can clean your sterling silver jewelry using a clean, cotton cloth and mild dish detergent diluted in water. You may also bring your Jose Balli pieces to one of our retail stores for complimentary professional cleaning.

We do not recommend silver polish, ultrasonic cleaners or dip-style cleaning solutions, which will remove the antique oxidation that we intentionally apply to Jose Balli silver pieces to accent the intricately hand-carved details.

Normal wear can diminish the level of oxidation, as well as exposing sterling silver to hair spray, body lotions, perfumes, chlorine, household cleaning products or salt water. If you have damaged the oxidation on your Jose Balli piece, you may bring it to one of our retail stores or mail it to us to repair for a reasonable service charge.



You may overlook the importance of removing jewelry before certain activities. Avoid wearing rings or bracelets while doing any strenuous activity, including housework, exercise or gardening.  All gemstones can chip or scratch under the right circumstances. 



As leather is worn, it has a natural tendency to give and stretch, especially if exposed to moisture.  Avoid wearing your leather jewelry during arduous activities, since leather can absorb perspiration.


If you should lose a single earring, we will sell you a new pair at half-price with receiving your remaining earring. 


We offer a repair service for all Jose Balli jewelry. If you have a piece that requires a repair, we recommend you allow us to complete the repair to ensure its quality. You may bring the item to one of our retail stores or send it to us.

After we assess your request, we will contact you with an estimate before proceeding with any repairs. Shipping and handling fees apply. Please include your credit card number, expiration date and contact telephone number to enable us to process your request promptly.

You may ship the repair item prepaid to:

J.B.J., 70360 Hwy. 21, Suite 1, Covington, LA 70433

Print the Customer Repair Form