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Blossom Earrings

A celebration of spring and new things to come, with swiss blue topaz stones.

Deceaux Small Pearl Earrings

Reviving the Art Deco movement of the 1920's - 1940's in all its simplicity, with cultured freshwater white pearls.

Fleur de Lis Doubloon Earrings

Old World charm is given a new meaning with our fleur de lis doubloon.

Lilypad Earrings

The common, yet aesthetically pleasing, water lily lends its natural value to lakes and bayous throughout the region.

Pirogue Pearl Earrings

A contemporary interpretation of a popular mode of Cajun transportation still used today in marshes and bayous throughout the south, with cultured freshwater white pearls.

Spanish Moss Earrings

A symbol of nature in its most relaxed state, often found lounging on sweeping branches of live oaks.

Sugarcane Earrings

Sugarcane pays homage to this centuries-old agricultural wonder which has provided a treasured way of life for farming families throughout Louisiana, bundled with braided 14K yellow-gold wire.

Atchafalaya Pearl Earrings

Interpretation of the river valley which forms the Atchafalaya Basin located in southern Louisiana, with cultured freshwater white pearls.

Calla Lily Pearl Earrings

Inspired by the beauty of nature in the south, adorned with cultured freshwater white pearls.

Cattails Double Earrings

Two textured cattails are hanging from each wire.

Charbroiled Oyster Earrings

A tribute to a local delicacy found throughout the Gulf South.

Coquille Pearl Earrings

Coquille, the French word for "shell", is the inspiration for this oyster design, with cultured freshwater white pearls.