Jose Balli Jewelry is a New Orleans-based company founded by Jose Balli who designs, wax carves, manufactures and assembles his jewelry line in his local studio. As an Isleño descendant of St. Bernard Parish, he creates handmade sterling silver jewelry inspired by the unique beauty and culture of Louisiana.

Jose worked in a metal fabrication shop just out of high school, shaping and welding custom equipment for the oil industry. One day, while waiting for a machine to cut through an enormous pipe, he killed time by carving a tiny alligator from a scrap of soapstone. Coworkers encouraged him to take up art seriously and, thus, began Jose's 30-year career creating over 800 unique designs with a southern twist.




Sarah Balli, daughter of award-winning New Orleans jewelry designer Jose Balli, has her father’s natural eye for design and deep love for the South. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Southeastern Louisiana University, Sarah began running Jose Balli Jewelry’s social media and realized the opportunity to create southern jewelry for a younger market. She then decided to become her father’s apprentice, learning the essential skills to produce her designs from start to finish.

Carrying on Jose’s legacy, Sarah designs, wax carves, manufactures and assembles her own jewelry line in their local studio. Combining her southern roots with contemporary trends, Sarah Balli Jewelry introduces a new, youthful twist on life in New Orleans.